Mabon Energy is a Veteran owned renewable energy construction management consulting company, headquartered in Highlands, NC.  Mabon provides construction management consulting services for utility-scale and commercial and industrial renewable energy installations.


Our team is built on honesty, integrity and a sense of ownership.  The company was founded as result of hard work and trust that went into the execution of projects. We chose the name Mabon Energy because of what the term Mabon stands for.

  • Mabon is a fall equinox harvest festival, that encourages individuals to “reap what they sow,” both literally and figuratively. It is the time when night and day stand equal in duration; it is a time to express gratitude, complete projects and honor a moment of balance.

At Mabon Energy, we work hard, play hard, stay true to the concept of we reap what we sow, express gratitude in all that participate, finish projects in a manner that makes us proud, and we honor the balance of life, work, and happiness. We are passionate champions of energy independence and believe the success of our country requires the integration of renewable energy into a resilient futuristic energy system.